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Maintaining safe and profitable production requires effective defect elimination and problem solving. Too often, however, organizations become stuck in reactive, fire-fighting mode, focusing on solving the most visible and current failures, rather than those with highest cost or risk impact. Compounding this challenge is the inability to track solution implementation and effectiveness, leading to the recurrence of problems, inefficient use of maintenance resources, and a high-risk operating profile. 

The Cordant RCA methodology focuses on a systematic approach: 

1. Preparation: Gathering information, organizing people, time, and venue. 

2. Analysis: Developing a problem statement, constructing an initial timeline, building the cause-and-effect chart, adding supporting information, and performing a quality check of the cause-and-effect chart. 

3. Resolution: Generating and selecting solutions, implementing solutions, and effectively communicating RCA findings to the organization. The process concludes with measuring the success of solutions, communicating wins across the organization, and institutionalizing the entire process. 

Why Cordant? 

  • Scalable for any size problem - Can be used at the appropriate level no matter how large or small the problem or opportunity. 

  • Applicable for all problem types - Can be used for all problem types; safety, environmental, operational, reliability, quality, business loss, reputation. 

  • Expandable - Can be used for an individual incident or a systemic issue. 

  • Time to value - Effectiveness can be quantified by ROI or risk reduction through a focus on solution implementation and delivering value through adopting a program approach. 

  • Integrated within broader Asset Management process - Can be connected to broader asset performance management process and system to enrich reliability analysis, drive optimal maintenance strategies, and enable asset health management programs. 

  • Domain expertise - Leverage decades of experience in RCA and Defect Elimination program development from Baker Hughes and ARMS Reliability. 

  • Partner vs. Provider - More than just a provider of training and software, Baker Hughes goes beyond transactional and partners with customers. Whether its blueprinting, remote management, or ongoing embedded resources and mentoring support, we help ensure your Defect Elimination program delivers sustained and continuous value.