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Impactful training that delivers bottom-line results. 

Courses are offered at public and on-site venues or online in a range of disciplines.

We know that people learn by doing. Which is why our training courses are designed to be highly interactive and hands-on. Attendees work together in teams to solve real problems and come away from the training with a deep understanding of cause and effect relationships, how to select the most effective solutions and are confident in leading a team through a root cause analysis from start to finish. 


Popular Training Courses

Training Types


All training courses are available for delivery on-site at your facility or a training venue of your choice. 

Benefits of On-site Training

  • Cost effective for a larger group size (up to 25 attendees per course)
  • Avoid travel expenses for attendees
  • Reduced time away from work for students
  • Schedule convenience - working around your availability and schedule
  • Personalization and customization for certain courses to make it relevant for students
  • Immediate ROI by solving actual organization-specific problems during the course or an optional third-day facilitation


We offer Public Training courses in major cities worldwide. 

Benefits of Public Training

  • Cost effective for smaller groups
  • Availability for global companies to send attendees to courses throughout the world
  • Regular opportunities for training in major city centers
  • Learn in an environment with attendees from other companies, giving you different perspectives on the same problem
  • Attend public training to evaluate the course before booking an on-site course for your team

Virtual Instructor-led

All training courses are available for live remote delivery with one of our experienced instructors.

Benefits of Remote Training

  • The most flexible training option
  • Live instructor-led training is more engaging than traditional online courses
  • Unite team members from multiple remote sites on the same course
  • Avoid travel expenses for attendees
  • Reduced time away from work for students
  • Build a schedule that works for you, your organization, and your available time.